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ErykaGarbuttDesigns's Profile

My name is Eryka and I live in Canberra. I am an emerging artist. It is difficult to describe my style but I quite like “ mixed media eclectic.”My creations are “one of a kind”, original designs, a little different but not too way out there. Decoupage, the art of embellishing by gluing paper normally on furniture or boxes, is my obsession, however I avoid the traditional designs of flowers and angels and try for something different. My work has an Art Nouveau influence. Canvas to jewelry to glass, furniture and house ware, I decoupage with paper, fabric, real flowers and leaves. I believe a good piece of decoupage has a minimum for 20 layers of varnish to achieve that glass like finish.I am proud to say that I am one of very few artists who create decoupage jewelry. Hand made paper beads are also featured in my newer works. A close second in the obsession world would be flame glass beadwork. You take a rod of glass about as thick as a drinking straw, and melt this in an open-flame. When the glass is hot it melts to the consistency of treacle. The glass then flows and this is when the magic happens. The molten glass in the flame is almost hypnotic. You blend the different glasses; add dots and swirls to create your own individual piece. You never get two the same and that is the appeal. Japanese and Indian paper are my weakness, I buy direct from the manufacturer. This ensures the quality and range of papers I have access to. Buying paper at the local craft store limits your choices. Currently I am playing with wire, bead and Swarovski crystals. My preference is for colour, not just silver and gold. I make my own findings, chains, beads and focal beads. Colour and texture are my main inspiration. I find objects “talk to me” and the design just happens. I rarely sketch or plan what I am going to do; I just let the design flow. I love looking at catalogues from suppliers and imagining what I could create from their products. Fire Mountain is a favourite and I was a finalist in the 2011 Swarovski Crystal elements competition.

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