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Hello, my name is Sharon McElwain and I've been a stained glass artist since 1981. I have had the privilege to make wonderful stained glass windows for 5 churches, restaurants, a senator's office and many many homes in southern California, Montana and here in Arizona. So there is usually nothing to small or too big that I can't handle. One of my church windows was 26ft in height and composed of 6 windows that made one wonderful window. Over the last few years, I have been creating celtic knots in glass, Scottish clan badges and family crests. I've found that this is my second favorite subject, church windows being my most favorite subject for glass. Each window or suncatcher is drawn, the pattern is made, glass colors selected, pieces are cut, ground, foiled or leaded into a window. Every piece is a special work of art and when the sun hits it and you'll find that when the affect of the glass can change through out the day. Again, thank you for purchasing a glass piece from me and I hope that you have many years of enjoyment from your purchase. FYI-I also do custom work and can ship windows anywhere in the country.

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Claddagh cross
Scottie or Westie do
Mackintosh Rose
3 Geese
2 Birds Circle Knot