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 Handmade and homemade items for you and your loved ones. I have been selling my goods online for over 3  years now and have only great reviews.  I create candies for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and for gift giving.  I make baked goods for parties, corporate functions, and gift giving.  I also have a line of handmade holiday felt ornaments.  I create and make each item myself here in the USA.  I use high quality ingredients and products.  I am very proud of the quality of my work, and I am sure you will be as well. 

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Chocolate Blue or Pi
Homemade Natural Eco
Milk Chocolate and
Handmade Breast Canc
Handmade Felt Heart
Chcolate Hearts in A
Chocolate Christmas
Handmade Grey Sleepi
Handmade Rooster Tre
4 Handmade Puffed h
6 Peanut Butter Fill
First Aid Tote Bag T