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 Selling Ukrainian style pysanky.      Pysanky is a folk art that dates back thousands of years. It originated in the area which is now the Ukraine, Poland Czechoslovakia and parts of Russia.  In pre-Christian times they were believed to have talismanic properties. Receiving an egg showed not only friendship or affection but also brought with it protection from harm.  In ancient times it was believed that the eggs would bring good luck, wealth, health and protection. Around the year 988, Christianity was brought to this area.  As the people began to recognize God’s presence in their lives, they began to incorporate Christian meanings to the symbols. Each egg tells its own story. Each symbol and color is intended to bring the person who receives it love, health, wealth or other attributes of good fortune. Brochure with symbols and color meanings is included with each egg. Each egg is unique.  There are no 2 identical eggs.  No patterns or templates are used to create the designs. The eggs are made by using beeswax and dyes.  The beeswax is drawn on the egg using a Kistka which is heated over a flame.  The eggs go through a progression of dyes to achieve all their brilliant colors.  Eggs are drained and varnished to preserve them.  I am willing to do commissioned eggs. Let me know what you have in mind and I can work from there.  

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