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Announcement for Buyers
I'm Scarving is a store where you can purchase a cozy warm hug around the neck!  Come in and virtually try out a scarf in one of our FUN themes: food, animals, nature, wooly, wintery, seasonal, braided and many more!   Each item is a unique design hand-crafted with love and fun for the wearer! Please look for hand-made scarves, braided cowls, lariats, cravats, and all manner of neckwear!   All items are made by the Store Owner. a Tamarack Juried Artisan,  in a smoke-free home and feature immediate free shipping!  Items are hand-washable/dry flat.

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Velvet Scarf Blue n
Velvet Scarf Red
Velvet Scarf Gold
Pom Pom Stella Scarf
Black Sheep White Sh
Blue Lightning Bolt
Aran Scarf of Dohert
Bomb Pop
Dark Chunky Chocolat
Fox Tail Cowl
Foxx Moxx
Frosted Strawberry P