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    Working with wood can be very personal. I really enjoy looking at a piece of wood and contemplating the best way to use it. I will sometimes set a piece aside and occationally look at it waiting for inspiration. When I get the feeling that I know what to do with the piece, I try to make that item as well as I am able. I am very particular and make everything as if I was making it for myself.       I have an advantage in that I mill the wood I use from logs. Therefore, I get to choose from all of the wood from that log and not just the wood available at wood lots. I also can easily get cosecutive boards from a log, if that is what I want for a project. There is a fair amount of wood that does not make it to the wood lot, as it can have what are commonly called defects. Defects acn be used to make an item unique. Not all of my items include defects but some do. Even without the defects wood can be special.      Some of the items I have made recently are, wall hangings, mirrors, shelves, candle holders, bookends, framed pictures, jewelry, trays, center pieces, wine racks, furniture, chalk boards, pencil holders, business card holders, headboards, serving boards, cheese boards, towel racks and picture frames, to name a few. There is not much I cannot make. If you have an idea to make something contact me and we'll see what can be done.

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Wall Hanging Dogwo
Wall Hanging Blue
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