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Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace

Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace

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This Natural hand carved Fluorite Heart Necklace has a twist, I wrapped the Heart with some twisted sterling silver chain and down the necklace I added some lenth of the same twisted sterling silver chain, which you can't really see in the photos, but it really glistens when you put it on. The beads are all Fluorite in 3 different sizes and shapes. It has a sterling silver small bail and a sterling silver toggle. This necklace is approximately 22" and the heart adds another 2".
This is a very unusal, original and beautiful piece.

Fluorite is used with other stones to amplify their effects, especially if you are working towards spiritual wholeness and development, truth and peace.

Although usually translucent, fluorite comes in shades of white, brown, blue, yellow, purple, red, or colorless, and green fluorite is a valuable helper in grounding excess energies.

Rainbow : This variety of fluorite exhibits 3 distinct color rays, violet, green and blue. Being that this gemstone is three colors, it will help you to heal on three levels; spiritual, emotional, and mental. Whatever your issues are, Rainbow fluorite will help you to become mentally aware and then begin to help you work through the processes necessary for complete healing.

Purple : Aids ability to meditate, increases psychic development, brings spiritual peace and wholeness. As we develop spiritually, we come to a place in our journey where we need to make a commitment; Fluorite will help you to decide if you are indeed ready to make this important commitment. For some, purple fluorite will help them to begin channeling information that is crucial to further their spiritual development. This stone is more than a ‘mental’ stone, it also radiates energy throughout the light body system. Physically, purple fluorite is helpful in promoting a state of health for the skin, bones and muscular system.

Green Fluorite can bring a cleansing, tidying, mint-like freshness of springtime and renewal to the charkas. It can be used to help diminish mild trauma in the emotional body and to eliminate negativity within a room; the negative vibratory states being transmuted toward the light and love of the universe. It is about healing on all levels. This stone allows us to mentally grasp our heart based issues and then begin to heal them. Green is the color of growth and healing. Use this stone as a bridge to allow personal growth to happen in your life. It is very calming, but at the same time it gives us the courage needed to expand our ideas and awareness.

Crafterbyheart is a Jewelry Shop using Semi-precious gems featuring one of a kind pieces.. Thanks for checking out my Jewelry.

I am not a Gemologist or a Lapidary. Gemstones were identified at the time of purchase by the supplier. Any errors, discrepancies, or omissions are not intentional. All gemstone meanings, metaphysical properties and associated verbiage are not claims of fact but have been gathered from writing, books, folklore and various sources.

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Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace
Natural Fluorite Heart Necklace