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Welcome to iKnitQuiltSew - offering boutique quality for mom and baby at affordable prices. We specialize in art quilts (original design, handmade and hand quilted), handmade rag dolls and teddy bears, and baby and ladies knits. All items are designed and crafted by hand by me. Custom orders are welcome here!

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FurPets© by the Doz
Patriotic FurPet© T
Pastel FurPets© Jus
Earthy FurPets© Bro
Creamy Tan FurPet©
Custom Baby Gift Set
Tiny Rag Doll Toy or
Handmade Collectible
Handmade Rag Doll To
Tiny Handmade Rag Do
Handmade Toy Rag Dol
Toy Teddy Bear Shagg