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The Wooden Bobbin

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Welcome to my shop! After 20 years, I decided to change the name to better explain my customized gifts with a new medium added. So as I say good-bye to Tigger's Embroidery, join me in giving a huge welcome to The Wooden Bobbin. I will still be offering personalized embroidery work on anything I can get a hoop on, and I am now offering personalized vinyl and wood items. Get the name now: The Wooden Bobbin: personalized wood and embroidered gifts! So browse the site and let your imagination run wild. I hope you allow The Wooden Bobbin to create your next unique and individual gift for the someone special in your life. Side Note: Just in case you haven't noticed, I live in South Louisiana and am totally in love with anything to do with creating costumes and gifts with the Mardi Gras, LSU and Saints themes.

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Easter Bunny Embroid
30oz Stainless Steel
Carved Lithogram Mon
Lowball and Can Kooz
Felt Embroidered Cha
LSU Minnie Mouse Tsh