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I make banners, signs and decorations for every occasion. Lots of attention, effort and detail is in everything that HHExpressions makes. Everything that is sold by HHExpressions is a original design by me, Hannah. I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and have been creating art since I was born. As I grow this store I will start adding graphics and different types of decoration. Parties, birthdays, holidays and weddings are just some of the occasions that I make decorations for. I also make completely custom decorations for businesses, schools and charities. I would love to work with you to make the perfect decorations for your special occasion, please message me and I will write you a custom listing. Thank you for visiting my shop and allowing me to share this special occasion with you. Follow HHExpressions on Facebook : Twitter: Pinterest : to see the latest creations. Hannah

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Princess Birthday Pa
Alphabet Banner Lear
Hot Pink Minnie Mou
Bride to Be
Future Mrs Banner
God Bless Baptism Ba
Just Married silver
Bride and Groom wedd
Mr and Mrs banner
Princess Castle Invi
Whale Orange Birthda
Whale Birthday Invit