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Cabin Hollow the largest metal wall yard art silhouette shop on HAF. All Items can be customized to meet your needs.Most items are made of 14ga. steel and some have up to 1/2" steel. When you compare prices keep in mind that the thicker the metal the better the item is made. This does add to the shipping cost some, but not a lot.Most items show are painted black,but all items can be order in any solid color. I now have over 10,000 art clips silhouettes on hand and can all so use pictures that you supply. Most orders recevied by noon (ET) Wed. are shipped on Fri. of that week, so you can look forward to fast turn around.

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Beef Cattle Livestoc
Lamb 7 Welcome Large
Horse 220 ST 2012 Me
Bull Rider ST 2012 W
Bull Elk 024 ST 2012
Wolf Trio ST 2012 Me
Flamingo 8 ST 2009 M
Duck in Flight 086 S
Hat Cross Boots West
Labrador 005 Metal W
Eagle Head 001 Metal
Butterfly 060 ST 201