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NicholasDesigns's Shop Policies

Greetings!.....and Welcome to my Jewelry Design Shop!

If you see something you like but would like it presented in a different way, just ask! There are no "extra charges" for me to customize a piece or make a piece entirely yours!

I encourage you to read through these policy sections before you make a purchase, just so we are all on the same page...you will find valuable available coupon codes for use as well!

Welcome to my shop, Enjoy your visit, I enjoy YOU being here!



I ONLY accept payment thru Paypal.

Do not send me personal checks or money orders, do that thru Paypal.
You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to use Paypal.

However, if you plan to continue future buying online, (and you will), I highly recommend opening your own Paypal account as it PROTECTS you and YOUR MONEY from fraud and other bad things.
Do it, for your own safety. It also allows me to send out your item immediately, there is no waiting for me to recieve your money order or check. With Paypal, the money is there immediately and there is no delay on shipping and every one is happy.

For International customers, please note that you are responsible for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred.



All of my items have a reasonable shipping cost. I *do not* pad my prices and then say "free shipping", that is false, nothing is ever free, you end up paying for it one way or the other!

I refund EXCESS SHIPPING costs (less the cost of materials and handling) as long as the amount is greater than 0.99, as quickly as I can.
Paypal offers shipment tracking for the consumer as does the postal service. If you need a tracking number, ask and I will get it for you.


Refund & Exchanges

IF you receive your item and "surprise!" it is not as described, or
IF something is spoiling your love for it, or
IF you decide you can't afford to pay for it after all, then
I guess we're both in a pickle. Message me to talk about this.

IF you receive a broken item, or
IF with "normal" handling, something breaks, then
Send it back and I will "fix" the problem.

In any case, the buyer pays for shipping. If I accept a return, I will return the amount of the item, not the cost of shipping.

Irregardless of the reason why you are returning it, I ask that you write down what the problem is, what YOU want to do about it, and I would really appreciate any additional feedback that you may have....do you know something I don't know? (Under what circumstances did the break occur? Do you suspect you know why it broke?, What is different about it than what the description stated?...things like that).
Return the item with a written note and write a Private Message to me about it as a "heads up" while I await the item.

If you receive a refund and do not know why, check the comment section, it's probably overpayment for shipping costs.


Additional Policies and FAQs
Welcome, browse and buy, that's why I am here!

Find an applicable coupon code for use from this list:

Jan 02 thru Jan 16 ALLTHEKINGSMEN 15%
Jan 17 thru Feb 14 MYVALENTIE 25%
Feb 15 thru Feb 22 ABEANDGEORGE 10%
Feb 23 thru Mar 17 LUCKYCLOVER 15%
Mar 17 thru Apr 08 BUNNYLOVE 15%
Apr 09 thru May 13 IHEARTMOM 20%
May 14 thru May 28 REMEMBERTHEM 10%
May 29 thru Jun 17 DADDYSFAVORITE 20%
Jun 18 thru Jul 04 WAVEYOURFLAG 15%
Jul 05 thru Aug 03 LOVEYOURPETS 10%
Aug 04 thru Sep 03 LABORPAINS 15%
Sep 04 thru Oct 01 FALLINGINTOAUTUMN 10%
Oct 02 thru Oct 08 SAILEDTHEOCEANBLUE 10%
Oct 09 thru Oct 31 SPOOKYSALE 10%
Nov 01 thru Nov 11 VETSAREBEST 20%
Nov 12 thru Nov 22 GOBBLEITUP 20%
Nov 23 thru Dec 25 SAINTNICHOLAS 25%
Dec 26 thru Jan 01 CHAMPAGNEANDYOU 15%

Note, when you visit my Antique and Collectibles Shop, "Grampa's Attic" located within Etsy, keep in mind that you can use the coupon code: GRAMPASATTIC this code will get you 10% off your purchased items (does not including shipping). Now that you know this code, it is valid in the "Attic" for life!

If you visit my Etsy shop at http://www.NicholasDesigns.Etsy.com, use the coupon code NICHOLASDESIGNS and get FREE shipping! (I eat the cost for you!)

Thanks for coming, Nicholas