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phoenixartstudio's Profile

My name is Rebecca Hadley and I have been telling stories with my art for my entire life. While storytelling fascinated me from an early age, I began to collect all manner of folk lore and legends once I entered an arts magnet high school. From there I attended the Kansas City Art Institute and finally received my BFA in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design. Once I graduated I was given an opportunity to learn a more three dimensional , tactile form of storytelling in the form of an MFA in Costume Design from the University of South Carolina. Always seeking new ways of storytelling I did an internship with Otherhand Productions in puppetry. For about 5 years I took a hiatus from art as I spent time making the story of MY life. A recent tragedy forced me to enter back into the art world with a vengeance as my art became my only form of self expression, my only form of therapy. For a time I felt that I was only partially alive, but my art gave me a new life. I felt that I had been reborn from ashes, much like a phoenix. And so Phoenix Art Studio was born. I am so grateful that God gave me such grace during this difficult time! While my love of illustration and storytelling will always be prevalent in my work, I also do a fair share of landscapes, portraits and religious based art. Most recently, I\'ve devised a way to make my art mobile, portable and wearable through polymer clay. Each polymer piece is a one of a kind, original piece of art. In this manner people are able to take a piece of art with them rather than having to worry about wall space. Always seeking ways of making my art more accessible to people, I\'m sure that many different items will be appearing as I continue my never-ending arts education.

Welcome to Pheonix Art Studio, enjoy!

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Female, Born on March 20

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