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mmd's Profile

ABOUT Maryanne Murphy

Maryann Murphy Designs are hand crafted by me in Atlanta Georgia and Belfast Maine.

It all started with my love of gemstone jewelry and what I didn't realize was my first line, On the Rocks Gemstone Jewelry became my first of 10 jewelry and accessory lines.

The ideas just keep coming and form their own little design niches. Creativity has shown itself to overflow with abundance and I am happy to keep my clients well stocked in fresh ideas and items.

My jewelry has sold through word of mouth, off my neck, at home parties, by appointment, at events, on ArtFire, Etsy, Facebook and now on Handmade Artists.

Volunteering time and resources to non-profit organizations has always been a cornerstone of my life. I am fortunate in the ability to design and create jewelry and having the opportunity to use it as a benefit for my community.

I am passionate about using my jewelry to help others.

Family. Everything starts there.

My Grandmother taught me how to do needle work when I was 8 years old and how to use a sewing machine at 12. My "designing" career blossomed from those two first creative outlets.

At 59 I have been a wife, mother of 2 grown girls and now grandmother of 2 adorable little boys. I was born and raised in a waterfront community in Connecticut, vacationed on Cape Cod, lived in a bedroom city of New York and now appreciated the Southern hospitality of Atlanta Georgia.

Along the way I was the "crafty, Brownie, Girl Scout, Home Room, Sunday School Teacher mom," with a room devoted to all things imaginable and where imagination reigned. I have always been a supporter of the arts encouraging artistic expression in everyone at every age and used to teach crafting seminars as well as being the Executive Director of a Non-profit artists Organization.

Now back to family, where everything starts.

As life had evolved into a move to Georgia and an empty nest of persons, my rescue dog Sheba and I found a new skill and creative outlet using something that has always been fascinating and precious to me, rocks....or in their more refined state, gemstones. After taking classes in jewelry making I had enough creative ideas, techniques and resources that opened an entire new world to me and of course all the ladies in my family began to be endowed with jewelry. Richly so...LOL!! ..and as things grew organically their friends noticed their jewelry. Well, it got to a point that I couldn't give everything away, so with the encouragement or family and friends I opened my first shop called "On The Rocks Gemstone Jewelry." My family and friends are my best customers and "test market" or "I want" may better describe the process. There wants and enthusiasm when I find something new in the jewelery field (I quickly found out that there is more then gemstones) has lead me to create 9 jewelry lines:
On The Rocks Gems
Princess Pearls (wedding)
BIKER CHIC Jewelry (daughter Catherine)
Heathers Voice (friend, domestic violence awareness)
Game Day Jewelry (daughter Elizabeth)
Family Life Photo Jewelry( becoming a grandmother (have to show the little ones off)
On The Rocks Wine Charms (out of entertaining necessity)
Glitzy Galores (My Mom. "if it's shinny it's got to be good.")
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Female, Born on July 8

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