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gloriamartha's Profile

I love Art! I love to paint, sew, and just being creative! I am inspired by things around me like flowers, trees, but especially rocks and minerals. I am a grandmother of two beautiful children and I am constantly finding ways to show them the beauty that nature provides. My grandbabies are constantly bringing me rocks, leaves, flowers and I try to create something special from their gifts.
It was because of my granddaughter that I re kindled my love of making jewelry. I say re-kindle because years back when my children were little, I made earrings out of water colored paper, and rings from telephone wire. So as you can see jewelry making is not a new concept for me. What is new is that I have discovered wire, rocks, minerals, tools and playing with fire (soldering torch).
My passion for wire wrap jewelry began last year when I was studying for a statistic class. The last class I needed before graduating. One afternoon I was working on my stats homework, but it seemed I had a mental block! Sitting at my desk I picked up a small white rock that my granddaughter gave me. Needless to say my thoughts went from working on my homework to playing with this beautiful gift my granddaughter gave me. I knew I had to do something with it and immediately I saw a ring. I went to my husband’s toolbox, got some wire, pliers, and in a couple of hours my first wire wrap ring was born. I knew I was hooked!
I began practicing and mastering techniques creating new pieces of jewelry and wearing them. Once people found out I had made the pieces I was wearing, they were interested in placing orders. This was when I decided to turn my hobby into a business.
Now to find a name for my jewelry business…The name Recherché came by Divine inspiration via a telephone app that gives me a word for the day. After mulling over several names for my business, I asked for a sign. And just like that, my phone beeped with the word Recherché which comes from the word research, and means one of a kind, exotic, sought after, elegance, choice and precious. Exactly what my jewelry is!

Female, Born on July 7

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