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Lorrainykay's Profile

My name is Lorraine and I have 2 wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter along with 7 delightful grandchildren who are my continuous inspiration for my books. I am newly retired from a career as a QA Tech and a certified tea taster at a local Tea Business.
I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, of course I'm the oldest one of the bunch! Growing up, my father owned a bakery so he instilled a "work" ethic in us early on. Most of us, including my sons, have some type of side business to fulfill that entrepreneur gene inside of us.
I began scrapbooking when my grandkids started to be born. Prior to that, I crocheted, sewed quilts & dolls and worked with any type of craft to fill that creative urge in me.
As I became involved with photography and scrapbooking, it became a delightful obsession and I couldn't get enough of it. After bringing up my own kids and realizing how fast the time went...nothing lasts forever, I felt like I didn't keep enough "memories", although I had plenty of photos. As I sorted through old and new photos, I found that I wanted to remember more than just holidays, events, and milestones. I also wanted to hold on to the memories of everyday life and capture the personality of people in my book. I started combining the old and new photos and comparing similarities/differences/traditions. This is what got me from making "traditional" scrapbooks to designing "everyday life" mini albums. I like to leave them out on my tables and cabinets throughout the house so every time the kids come over there is always a new one they haven't seen yet. Some books have current photos, some are vintage, Many are a combination of both. They love looking through them and reading my scribbly notes.
The entrepreneurship gene of course kicked in and I thought that others may enjoy putting their old and new photos in books also. It's a little different than the traditional scrapbook but, I am a baby boomer and we make our own traditions!

Female, Born on February 13

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