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Handicapcrafter's Profile

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Jenia (ja-knee-a). Just to let you know I did not create the name of my store. I joined Etsy to sell some of my things and this is the random name it gave me. How ironic. So I kept it.

I am married to a wonderful husband named Sean. I have 4 kids 2 of which are twins. There ages are Nora 35, Amy 30, Amanda 30, Scott 28. The girls are all married and Scott is getting married in March. Nora & her husband Kris have 5 kids. Amy and her husband Floyd have 2 boys and Amanda & her husband Justin have 1 daughter. I think Scott and his fiance Shannon will have several kids. So right now I have a total of 8 grandkids (4 girls & 4 boys) aged 15-2. I am very proud of my family incase you couldn't tell LOL. My grandson age 7 took my picture and wanted me to use it on my website. So there it is. You will also hear me talk about my favorite furry child Lucy Luu my little yorkie as you can see in the picture.

Now let me tell you about my sewing. Before I had kids I sewed a lot. I made my first maternity clothes and the baby bed bumpers, pillows, quilt and the skirt. That was kinda the end of my sewing no time with 4 kids. Other than fixing buttons, rips etc.

I was in a car accident in 1999 I was hurt but they could not figure out what was wrong with me. So after 2 years of terrible pain and all types of therapy they determined I had Fibromyalgia which is a nerve disorder that causes terrible pain in your muscles. By this time I had lost my job and any chance of a lawsuit. I went on disability in 2004 and functioned as best I could daily. They finally found a medication that helped relieve a lot of my pain. By this time in 2009 my husband went on disability for a back injury on his job. He has had 4 back and 1 neck surgeries. He almost died after 1 on them. We are in the process of scheduling his next back surgery. We agreed to a settlement after his first surgery not knowing what was to come. So no big money again. I wanted to get off of disability and go back to work because I knew he would not be able to. So I took a part time job working from home. Disability gives you a year to try to go back to work. I was trying to do that. We moved into a beautiful rental home. In 2011 I got sick and wound up in Congestive Heart Failure. Had to quit my job. I was in the hospital in Macon and then Atlanta for 16 days. I was going on the heart transplant list when my heart miraculously started getting stronger. It is not totally back to a normal heart but it is working fine. After that though my lungs suffered some damage and now I am on full time oxygen. No chance of going back to work now. Please don't think I told you all of this to guilt you into buying something, I told you this so you will understand why sometimes it takes me a little longer to add new items or need extra time for special orders.

We were forced to sell our belongings and buy a camper to live in. We live in our camper and it is just fine. I have never been someone who could just sit and do nothing. So I was going crazy. I had kept my sewing machine when we got rid of everything. So I thought I would make me some clothes. I started looking on line for some patterns and found an endless variety of stuff to make. Now that is what I am trying to do, earn a few dollars.

Female, Born on October 17

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