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AU_Unique_LLC_Boutique's Profile

My name is Nancy Uhlmann, and I have loved the beauty and feel of natural stones since childhood when I collected them as valuable treasures wherever I went. This passion for stones became enriched to gemstones, jewelry and other artistic endeavors as I matured and I began to appreciate not only the textures but the hues and designs as well. I began making jewelry and drawing at a very young age and was inspired by my aunt, Alice Uhlmann Wright. As a well-known artist and teacher at the Art Institute in Chicago, she encouraged and inspired me to see the world through the eyes of an artist.

In high school I created simple necklaces of glass beads or strung shells from the beach. I loved to wear my creations and began color coordinating my designs to match my clothing. As I graduated from high school and went on to college my enthusiasm for the arts expanded to ceramics, watercolor and acrylic painting and even photography. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albion College in art and education in 1968. I continued to create necklaces for many years extending my repertoire and creating new and varied designs, as well as pursuing other artistic creations like: quilting, macramé, and even the sewing and designing of my own wardrobe. As a teacher of art and education I earned 3 masters degrees, 5 endorsements, and many varied classes to extend my knowledge.

As retirement approached, I started to take a variety of classes involving artistic endeavors. Classes in Silversmithing, Wire Wrapping were taken in 2009-2010 and they were instrumental in assisting me in changing my focus to making jewelry production a new full time career upon my retirement. I opened the business, Absolutely Unique LLC in 2010. I had enjoyed creating jewelry as a hobby in the past, but now it became a career. I continued taking classes in Silversmithing and studied Glass Torching, as well, in my pursuit to be the best in this new field.

In my desire to expand my knowledge of the jewelry field further, I studied and researched all of the gemstones, trade beads, and even outer space and ancient artifacts with fervor. I made cards for each necklace describing the varied stones and artifacts within my creations. Although my knowledge of the varied gems is quite extensive at this point, I am presently working to receive my GIA certificate and also looking into some Advanced Costume Design classes at the local universities. As you can tell I am excited to gain as much knowledge in this new endeavor as I can and hope to share my enthusiasm for artistic design and the natural world with you as well.

As my collections grew I became associated with collectors of artifacts, outer space objects, and unusual items. I started traveling and collecting unique and varied stones and objects from around the world to place in my jewelry designs. I have traveled to Russia, the Baltic and Scandanavian countries. I also collected unique items in the Mediterranean countries of: Egypt, Israel, Greece, Rome, and Turkey. I look forward to future trips to Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia to collect additional items and artifacts for my new and unique jewelery designs. As an artist and collector of unique artistic items, I am extremely concerned about environmental and sociological issues. I donate part of the proceeds of my work to aide in Rainforest restoration, cultures, medical research, and wildlife preservation.

In addition to making lovely jewelry designs, I have created personalized and informative cards for each amazing jewelry selection. I am one of the few designers who shares her jewelry knowledge with her valued customers in this manner. I also share this information on my Blog and help to assist others with the knowledge I have gained.

I love to integrate many unusual Gemstones, Fossils, and Elements with Fine Metals of :Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Gold Filled, Brass, and Copper. I incorporate unique Clasps, Swarovski Crystals, and carefully selected Freshwater Pearls in most of my designs. I am delighted to share my creativity and artistic expression with you through my Website, Blog, Pinterest, and other Social Networking.

Purchases can be made at Shows, Events, 2018 November Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour, and the Arizona Opera which are listed on the Calendar of Events, as well as, on the Website and Etsy Store designed by my Business Manager/Consultant and Chain Maille Designer, Laurelle. In addition to the Etsy and Website store, Laurelle and I have ventured into additional future social media sites. These new accounts will include: Artfire, Handmade Artists, ECrater, Bonanza, Amazon Handmade, Zibbet, and internationally through Dawanda. It has been an exciting ride and I have loved every minute of it!!! We look forward to hearing your input on our new designs and lovely jewelry sets.

Nancy Uhlmann, Southwest Regional Manager, Absolutely Unique LLC

Female, Born on June 24

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