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Cottage Chic Hand Made Unique Home Decor

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Welcome to my Chic Home Decor Studio. I have been creating beautiful shabby items for over 10 years and have many wonderful customers around the world. Many of my enchanting items have traveled to their new homes in places like US, UK, Australia, Japan, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore and many more. I have been selling on ebay (seller id BOGBERI) for the past 7 years and have received some amazing feedback from many happy customers. I am excited to be joining this community that is truly made up of other crafty artists like myself. Every item I offer for sale is unique since I never make two identical items unless it is a set of 2 towels. You can be certain that the item you purchase will be the only one in the world. Unless you have purchased the item yourself and wish to add additional pieces to the original purchase I will not recreate any of my items. Special orders are available but must be paid for before I can make the item and ship it. These cottage chic pieces are lovely and make a beautiful addition to any room. The shabby look is timeless and is a wonderful gift for the little girls in your life or even the grownup girls. I am excited to hear from you and help you with your selections. Thank you for stopping by and browsing in my studio.

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