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About 20 years ago we restored a 100+ year old farmhouse in Lebanon Tennessee (that we still reside in today).  It has been A LOT of work, because the home had been neglected and rented out for many years. There is also a huge old barn (and other sheds) on our property, and in about 2005 we began to make some pretty picture frames (and crafts) from the wood. We gave them as presents to family and also sold a few.  Fast forward to 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic which puts my husband and I have out of work (he is a professional musician and I'm a Nashville tour guide) - and since we had some extra time, we started "making" things again.  It's been so fun seeing the beautiful items that we can craft from the old farm wood (and other country things), and it's our hope that people will purchase these items and know that a "labor of love" has gone into each one.  

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