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I am a Mother, Wife, Fiber Artist, Knitter, Spinner, And Organic Farmer. Forward thinking yet Old Fashioned! ~ love REAL Books~ Oh a bit Crazy & Weird too! ~ My goal with this shop is to able to save the Family Homestead raise and enjoy my children myself and not have to leave them daily to find a meaningless JOB to earn poor wages and the privilege of being able to leave my children in someone else's care! Currently we are so deep in debt we need snorkels just to breathe! I need to start increasing my sales significantly starting now or by Christmas we may be homeless if not sooner. I'm not looking for charity. I produce high quality craftsmanship in all my handmade items and offer excellent customer service. All I ask for is that you look at my goods try them like them and then please be generous with sharing your good experience. Do your holiday shopping early so that my family will have a home to be in this holiday season. I hope this doesn’t come off as too whiny… Not trying to be Eeyore “Just the facts Ma’am” (Joe Friday from Dragnet old TV series) blunt and to the point! I thank everyone for their support in advance. Peace & Blessings, ~Marcy~

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Pumpkin Hat Jack O L
Pumpkin hat Newborn
Pumpkin hat Size Pho
Hat Springy Curly Q