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We have been a manufacturer of quality sterling silver findings and gemstone settings since 2004, supplying silver and gold materials to worldwide artists and jewellery makers. Before Covid-19, we participated in more than 20 gem shows across Canada every year. We are a member of the BC lapidary society.    We also offer a custom-made service at an affordable price, including design, mold and jewellery. It is our dream to be able to change the way you think about making jewellery.    We believe in real design! DIY Jewellery - Your new jewellery solution.    Please visit our website to get more information about us and our products. Thank you.

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Ear Wires with Oval
Ear Wires with Oval
Ear Wires with Oval
Ear Wires with Oval
Ear Wires with Oval
Ear Wires with Pear
Ear Wires with Round
Ear Wires with Round
Oval Pendant with Ov
Heart Glass Locket P
Pear Pendant with Ov
Pendant with Oval Mo