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 Welcome to my HAF shop.I've enjoyed many crafts over the years but none as addicting as jewelry. I l love experminting with different materials. I am blessed to be able to express myself and share it with others. I am a parrot owner, so many of my designs are inspired by my love for birds.   I hope you enjoy browsing through my shop it. I always look forward to learning a new technique. I am blessed to be inspired by my loving and supporting family and friends. Especially my husband and my beautiful daughter for motivating me to do what I love. Thank you all! I hope you find what you are looking for. If not,please message me, as I love custom orders. All of my work is guaranteed. I look forward to working with you. Please come back and visit often! Thank you for visiting!           It is no coincidence that Birds and Angels both have wings! !   If God made anything more wonderful than Birds, He kept it for Himself 

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African Grey Necklac
Hyacinth macaw Neckl
Macaw Necklace
Cockatoo Necklace