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                     Hi ! welcome to my shop (-:       my name is Francois and i've been making jewelry since 15 years now beginning with hemp necklaces , bracelets and hair tresses , after around 8 years ago i started making tiny beads , pearls necklaces and bracelets with a needle with triangular shape , and now for the last 4 years i make chainmail related stuff going from rings bracelet to purse , handbag (mostly) , bottle cover , glove , any deco , earrings , scale and more-------------------------------------                                                                                          you can ask me anything , i can fix something for you or modified  it , always related to jewelry , or any product you buy me i can adjust it to fit you and/or you need (-;     thank you for visiting ,reading , buying , (-;   P.S. : I can sell you everythimg as a lot too , make me an offer , or lot of 10 + product

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