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Kerri's Kustom Jewelry

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Welcome to Kerri’s Kustoms. Thank you for stopping by. I have a wide selection of earrings. In many shapes and colors. There are also a few necklace and earring sets. All prices are based on the products that go into each item. As the shop grows, I plan to add even more pieces and styles of jewelry. I use a verity of glass, crystal, stone and shell beads. I never use any kind of resin or plastic. Most hooks are gold or silver plated stainless steel. If they are not, it will be stated in the product description. I do try to stay away from nickel when possible. Most findings or drops are silver or gold coated/plated brass or pewter.  Lead warning: It is important for all consumers to know, in any shop, online or otherwise, that red beads may contain lead. It is needed during the dying process to get the vibrant reds we know and love. Do not ingest. We don’t make diets out of jewelry, but sometimes small children can get ahold of things we don’t want them to. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Again, thank you for stopping in and have a wonderful day!

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Gold and Clear Swaro
Purple Crystal Starf
Green Blue and Silve
Glass Champagne Chan
Yellow Chandelier St
Red and Gold Chandel
Gold and Mother of P
Pastel Green Swarovs
Gold Pearl Chandelie
Fiery Phoenix Neckla