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 Welcome to Embarrassed Goods, a variety of products handmade and homemade in Embarrass Minnesota, known as The Coldspot.  We are known for our cold winter here, lows often reach  -40 degrees (actual temp not wind chill). We have a very short growing season, but we can still grow a variety of foods!  Ocassionally we suffer from early frost in August which can cut harvest short. This site will specialize in popcorn and jams/jellies with all food harvested from my land and garden (organically grown of course). The winters are LONG, and as such one has to find something to do with their time.  I enjoy weaving on my looms, it is fun to put fabrics and colors together. You'll see a whole host of rag rugs, selvedge edge rugs, mug rugs (mini rugs used as coasters), table runners and more.  There are many Finnish people who live in the Embarrass area, so you will see some items in the "Finnish" colors of blue and white as well as some sauna mats for the floor in the sauna. We also have a small hobby farm, chickens and beef cows, so occassionally you'll see some farm themed items for sale.

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