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The Scattered Beader

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Thank you for stopping and welcome! :) Here you will find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and jewelry sets in different styles and using different materials. When I started beading some 7 years ago, I used mostly plastic beads, glass and wood. Eventually I started incorporating more metal elements. My "signature technique" if I have one would probably be to use nail polish to paint charms or to fill cameo settings. This gives me access to a wide palette of colors. Since mixing and matching colors is my favourite aspect of jewelry making, I often turn to using nail polish for a more put-together color palette in my pieces. In the past couple years, gemstones have also taken up more space in my little collection, although my main interest remains to come up with pretty mixes of colors and textures while keeping my prices affordable.

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Large Handmade Beade
Purple Cream and Lig
Purple and Black Han
Big Bold Statement I
Summer Blue Aqua Fas
Handmade Sapphire Al
Big Bold Statement R
Small Handmade Gemst
Girly Handmade Beade
Silver and Purple Me
Green and Black Crys
Green and Black Crys