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Ferguson Jewelry and Crafts

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Welcome to our shop. We, the Ferguson family, make jewelry, bracelets, western bolo ties, and embroidered products like bags, towels, and bookmarks. Bolo ties are made with natural stone. Jewelry and bracelets are made with stone, glass, metal, wood and plastic beads. Bracelets come with elastic bands and/or various closures as indicated. Many jewelry pieces are notated as unique and cannot be duplicated. Embroidered products are machine created. The Ferguson family includes Chester (bolos and jewelry), Martha (embroidery), and Rodney (bracelets and jewelry).  Any questions will be answered as we can. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting our shop.

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6 Inch Beaded Bracel
6 Plus Inch Bead Bra
20 inch Eyeglass Cha
7 Inch Beaded Bracel
7 Plus Inch Beaded B
6 inch bead bracelet
7 and Half Inch Star
6 and half bead brac
6 inch Bead Bracelet
7 inch purple pink b
7 inch Beaded Bracel
Embroidered Bookmark