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Welcome to my line of Empowerment bracelets.  I use only Grade A semi precious gemstones that are believed to enhance our divine feminine and expand our hearts to embrace all forms and qualities of love.  The crystals I have chosen have been known to enhance and awaken the compassion, creativity, unconditional love, wisdom, beauty, and wholeness within us. My bracelets also act as natural diffusers with the use of lava stone to add your favorite essential oils to. Essential oils have been used for centuries to help heal people emotionally and physically.  A travel size bottle of oil is included with each bracelet and any orders shipped within the U.S. are always free.

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The Feelings Crystal
Labradorite Transfor
Sun Of Love SOL Diff
Apatite Humanitarian
Garnet Passion Aroma
LOVE Aromatherapy Br
Heart Chakra Balance
Sacred Feminine Empo
Calming Howlite Amaz
Amethyst Body Mind S
Deep Garnet Love Aro
Howlite Creativity D