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Welcome to my site! I am a mom of two wonderful boys aged 17 & 20. With the birth of my first son 19 years ago I developed severe Rheumatoid Athritis. It has been a battle ever since. I started taking decorative painting lessons 20 years ago and have since developed my own sense of style. Painting is not only my passion but my therapy.I can paint on any type of surface, wood, glass, tin & fabric you name it! I have since painted wall murals. I also enjoy sewing, quilting and machine embroidery and are always looking for ways to combine the two. I can paint just about anything even matching your wallpaper to accessories so if you have an idea just send me a convos! Thanks for taking the time to look!

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Hand Painted Glass C
Hand painted Butter
Hand Painted Bottle
Hand Painted Margari
Hand Painted Cake Do
Hand Painted Lazy Su
Hand Painted set of
Hand Painted Chip an
Hand Painted Lazy Su
Hand Painted Oil Bot
Hand Painted BUTTER