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handmade embroidery

handmade embroidery
handmade embroidery

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Hand-made Suzhou Embroidery

1.      These works are not paintings, they are Handmade Suzhou Embroideries;

2.      Handmade Suzhou Embroidery has a history of more than 2,500 years, known for its "delicacy, exquisiteness, elegance and conciseness" and honored as "China's Best Embroidery" and "National Treasure of China." Throughout its several-millennium history, Suzhou Embroidery has showcased its charms; unique characteristics and diverse stitching techniques that had been displayed on soft and lustrous silk, creating unparalleled beauty of oriental artwork. Suzhou Embroidery has forged a unique style of beautiful patterns, elegant colors, diverse stitches and meticulous embroidery to capture nationwide recognition.

3.      Good Handmade Suzhou embroideries are even better than paintings due to its vivid representations of different landscapes far and near, various buildings against a deep backdrop, lively figures, graceful flowers and gurgling birds, which describe exquisite craftsmanship and vivid images from the Song Dynasty.

4.      The theme of Handmade Suzhou Embroidery includes animals, figures, landscape, flowers, religion, history and any other things.

5.      Handmade Suzhou Embroidery has more than 50 kinds of stitching methods and more than 1400 kinds of colors.

6.      Hand-made Suzhou embroidery Steps:

Design-select silk thread color –split the thread-hand embroidery-hand wood carving/staining.

7.      There are two kinds of mounting and framing methods: soft framing and hard framing. I would suggest you use the soft framing for saving shipping cost.

8.      Fewer and fewer people do embroidery work because embroidery needs more patience, diligence and hard work. I list Suzhou Embroidery works on the web to let more people know and understand the embroidery art.

9.      I will reply you within 24 hours. My contact information: 0086-18616021639  56622872@qq.com  jijunma@icloud.com

10.  The product is 60cm x 60cm.

11.  I can customize the Suzhou embroidery according your requirements.

12.  The shipping time is about one month.

13.  Please think it over before placing an order because Suzhou Embroidery is very expensive. No refund.

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handmade embroidery