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Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter

Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter

Product Details:

 Glass Lazy Susan - Beveled Glass Server - Handmade - Tempered Glass - Free Flow Bearing

From our customer..." absolutely gorgeous Glass Lazy Susan! It is truly sophisticated looking"
Our attractive 1"  Beveled, Tempered Glass Lazy Susan's, revolve to give everyone at the table easy access to condiments, salt and pepper, and more. Great for holding wine bottles, wine glasses, condiments, and full course meals at the same time.
Each Glass Lazy Susan we produce is a unique, high décor, beveled tempered glass server to add a beautiful and decorative touch to your home. Our Glass Lazy Susan's are the best quality with the greatest intrinsic value on the Internet, due to the all of the following features...
Most Lazy Susan's offered on the Internet are multiple glass layers produced as Annealed Glass. Our Glass is Tempered (toughened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling during manufacturing process) produced as One Single Piece to produce a Glass Lazy Susan that is three or more times stronger than Annealed Glass....and 
If broken, our tempered glass shatters into many small fragments to prevent major injuries. This type of glass is intended for any use requiring superior strength with safety properties while standard glass or annealed glass could pose potential risk of injuries since they are not shatter proof.
Our 1" Diamond Beveled Edges are produced on the Finest Specialty Machinery in the industry.
Equally, if not more important than the Glass Susan, is the Turntable Bearing. Without a high quality bearing it does not matter how beautiful the Glass Susan. If it doesn't spin quietly and easily with or without a load on it, then it is not a high quality Glass Lazy Susan Bearing. For that reason, we have sourced the highest quality, Glass Lazy Susan turntable bearing mechanism made in the world today. We know this for a fact because we have tested them all!
We use a beautiful architectural/industrial Heavy Duty Lazy Susan spun aluminum case specifically manufactured for our Glass Lazy Susan's to spin quietly and smoothly with little if any effort. Our turntable has the ability to support a bearing weight from 300 to 450 pounds (depending on the size of the Glass Susan), and still spin effortlessly. Silicon Inserts maintain separation between each individual ball bearing to reduce rotational friction and to support heavy radial and axial loads so the individual ball bearings do not contact each other but rotate within a refined channel.  Our turntable ball bearings are captured within a precision refined beautiful spun aluminum casing, and the ball bearings and casing will never wear out or rust.  Our bearing units are uniquely engineered , smooth rotating, and very quiet.
The spun aluminum bearing casing is NOT ATTACHED to our Glass Lazy Susan, the bearing casing has several anti-skid silicone pads inserted into the the top and bottom of the bearing unit, so the bottom of the bearing will rest on any hard surface without sliding and the glass will rest on top of the bearing and not slide,  making it much easier to lift the Glass Susan straight up to clean and polish both sides of the Tempered Glass Lazy Susan and also avoid getting water and etc., in the bearing turntable mechanism.
Our unique Glass Lazy Susan's are available in the following 14 sizes on this website... 30", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 46", and 48"..each with a 1" Beveled Edge on 1/2" thick Glass with a Turntable Casing Bearing Mechanism size expertly matched to the diameter of your specific size diameter Glass Lazy Susan of choice. 
If you need a smaller or larger special size, let me know and we will send you a reasonable quote via Handmade Artists.
Our Mfg. facility partners expertly pack the Glass and the Bearing, each will arrive in two separate shipments to avoid any damage to either one by UPS or FedEx. Shipment is generally within three working days from date of order.
We offer full refunds if either item is damaged during shipment and delivery, damage must be reported with several pictures of the box and the damage to the item within two days of delivery date, we need this information to file a claim with the carrier, a replacement will be shipped once we receive the damaged information.
Keep your Glass Lazy Susan clean by simply using any commercial glass cleaner like Windex, after each use, and dry it with a clean paper towel or let it air dry. Center the Glass back onto the top of the bearing and you are ready to serve:)
Silicone Oil lubrication must be applied to each individual ball bearing before use for a ultra smooth rotation. 
Handmade in the Good Ole USA, in North Wales, PA and Livingston, TX and our partner mfg facilities in the USA.
"If we don't make it in the USA, We don't sell it"

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Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter
Glass Lazy Susan 40 Inch Diameter