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Tiny Stress Ball Bee

Tiny Stress Ball Bee
Tiny Stress Ball Bee
Tiny Stress Ball Bee

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 These are squishy little bees that will fit in your hand that you can fidget with. 

Can also be customized to order with other colors like baby blue, purple, and red. 
I started to create these little bees to help me relax during an extremely stressful time. It helps me to be able to create something out of the stress and fidgeting in my daily life.  It also brings be enjoyment to be able to make something others will enjoy. I've made some for my friends and they love having them and being able to fidget with them, when they are stressed or thinking and a lot and having something in there hands that is soft and mailable helps. Ive also being told they light the size of them and being able to hang them and can easily fit it in there pockets and take it with them were ever there going.

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Tiny Stress Ball Bee
Tiny Stress Ball Bee