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Teapot Tree

Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree

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 Artist and author Pamela Tucker Schafer’s graphic is colorful, and surrounded by outdoor scenery, and it just seems to jump right off the page. Mr. Teapot Tree is an unusual book for children and parents for interactive, intervention and Christian fun. This book communicates and prompts for preschool children and up! Young children will learn to know God through the Bible. Artistic Interviews with children will explore questions that have answers about God in Part I and Jesus in Part II.  “I'm sure this will be cherished and delight parents to understand their child's perspective about God’s character in the Bible.” Pamela

A Gift for any of the Holidays. It is like a Keepsake once you entered the child's name and their answers written right in the book. See the Teapot Tree Plaque and make this a gift set. You will get 2.00 off the Plaque if you buy both the book and the wooden plaque.

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Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree
Teapot Tree