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Pricing Worksheet Calculates Wholesale and Retail Price

Pricing Worksheet  Calculates Wholesale and Retail Price
Pricing Worksheet  Calculates Wholesale and Retail Price

Product Details:

Do you want a quick and easy way to price all of your handmade items? Whether you are looking for a starting point to price your items or even if you follow a market-based pricing approach, this worksheet can help you calculate, keep track of and determine which pieces are more profitable than others.

The worksheet is designed to be fool-proof, with color coding to guide you where to enter your data and the cells with formulas have been locked to prevent accidentally deleting them. A 2 page guide with directions is included as well.

You will receive an excel spreadsheet that contains templates to price 118 individual items, plus 2 templates that have been filled out with an example. The file is ready to print with 4 boxes per page (4 priced items) and pages are numbered (30 pages total).

How does it work?
First you would enter some key information ~
•Your desired hourly rate – You only have to enter this once, however it can be changed any time.
•For your handmade creations, you will then enter the below information~
*Material used (up to 10 different materials)
*Price of Material
*Amount of Material
*Time to make

Then the file will automatically calculate~
•Total cost of materials
•Total cost of time
•Cost of materials & time
•Recommended Wholesale price
•Recommended Retail price

Finally, you’ll just have 1 cell left to enter your ‘Final Price’. You decide if you want the final price to match the recommended retail price, if you want to round it or change it based on any market research.

*This listing is for a Excel Spreadsheet & PDF file ONLY, version is 2007 Microsoft Office, but should work with other versions of excel. Also compatible with Open Office upon request. 

*You will receive this via email.  All templates come personalized with your shop name/ name and are for personal use only.

About me~ I love working with excel! I worked in compensation for over 5 years and I used excel everyday to do many analysis, crunching numbers, tracking data, etc. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting!

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Product name - Pricing Worksheet Calculates Wholesale and Retail Price
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Pricing Worksheet  Calculates Wholesale and Retail Price