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Odd Angular Shapped Maple

Odd Angular Shapped Maple
Odd Angular Shapped Maple
Odd Angular Shapped Maple

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 Here is a nice pair of Maple with the odd angular shape that looks very nice regardless of the length of your hair.

They are very light weight, and were cut on a bansaw fir the outer shape, and the inside area was cut with a powered scroll saw. The insides cutting marks were removed with hand files and the whole piece was hand sanded from 150 grit to 600 grit. Using a lighted maginifying glass to verify all cutting marks and sanding marks have been removed.

All dust was removed via compressed air and then double dipped in Watco Natural Danish Oil, and then buffed for a smooth feel.

The ear wires are Nickel free and made of stainless steel with rubber backers. 

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Product name - Odd Angular Shapped Maple
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Odd Angular Shapped Maple
Odd Angular Shapped Maple