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White And Blue Beads Bracelet

White And Blue Beads Bracelet
White And Blue Beads Bracelet

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Talking of the ultimate bracelet and this is exactly what comes to mind.

A perfect blend of white and blue (the white symbolizes purity and elegance while the blue stands for love and majesty), the integration of different beads is simply dizzying.

One special feature with this particular bracelet is the precision and accuracy that was put into the placement of every single bead. If you really want her to be happy, this is what you'll buy for her!

Send me your hand scope and I will make the bracelet in the requested size especially for you - no extra charge.

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Price: $ 43.50

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Product name - White And Blue Beads Bracelet
Price: USD 43.50
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Listed On 2013-10-03


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White And Blue Beads Bracelet