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Mermaids Cuff Bracelet

Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
Mermaids Cuff Bracelet

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 Mermaids Cuff Bracelet

I am happy to have this new line of jewelry to offer you. These bracelets are a fun way to carry around artwork and I guarantee you will get a lot of attention.

This cuff bracelet is made from a slightly flexible aluminum, allowing you to adjust the size to fit your wrist. It measures 6.625" x 1.625" and slips right on the wrist. The image is dyed & heat pressed into the aluminum bracelet itself. Each one has 3 different images of my Painted Ladies. There are no papers or glues just the ink that gets pressed into the metal at a high temperature. Once it is cooled off it is ready to go.

The process makes the jewelry very durable and long lasting.

About me: I hand paint all of the Painted Ladies on fused glass. I might add that the fused glass is just 1 1/2" x 2", yes that's right, inches. Very small! I then take photos of each one of the ladies and make other jewelry, such as the cuff bracelets. These ladies travel all over the world. They go to places that I can only dream of going.

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Product name - Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
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Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
Mermaids Cuff Bracelet
Mermaids Cuff Bracelet