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Custom made poppets

Custom made poppets
Custom made poppets

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 Poppets are used for many different things some use them for hexing or healing. Poppets have many different uses or maybe you just think their creepy cute. The poppets in the pictures are not for sale I  made one for myself and my best witch  I'm using them as a example to give you an idea of what your poppet could look like. Each poppet is different no two are the same I hand make each one. I can add herbs, crystals, charms can be added to the poppet for extra cost or a person's name in the poppet. Please if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask it's your poppet and I'll do my very best to make it however you want it. 

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Product name - Custom made poppets
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Custom made poppets