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Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold

Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold
Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold
Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold

Product Details:

I have created a tri-color hand-knit scarf featuring zig-zag whimsical triangles. The scarf is knitted from Loops & Threads Charisma chunky yarn and features 6” fringe at each triangle corner on both sides and at both ends of the scarf!

It will keep you very warm and will be the source of many compliments!

If you are interested in purchasing this item and you have any questions at all concerning this item, please email me at myfavoritethings@atlanticbb.net  FIRST before purchasing.

All items are pre-made in a smoke free home. 

Shipping is within 24 hours of order via USPS.

Please visit my store, “I’m Scarving!” for many other styles of eclectic neckwear!

Length:  60”

Width:  5”

Color:  Gold/White/Blue

Type of Scarf:  skinny

Care Instructions: Gently hand-wash in cool water and dry flat.

You can find this pattern at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/house-of-white-birches-124023-best-of-the-worsteds/patterns

One size fits all!

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Price: $ 40.00

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Product name - Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold
Price: USD 40.00
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Listed On 2022-11-28


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Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold
Zig Zag Waves Blue and Gold