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ALTITUDE Romance Adventure eBook pdf format

ALTITUDE Romance Adventure eBook pdf format
ALTITUDE Romance Adventure eBook pdf format

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She's a Forest Ranger; meticulous, passionate, consumed by her post in the High Sierra. He's a big city advertising exec in LA who works hard, plays hard and loves hard when the opportunity presents itself. They both love their lives - at least they think they do until their paths cross. But even then, their conflicting realities remain. Can they find a way to reconcile that? Do they even want to?


Day in, day out it’s the same old thing; get up, get dressed, go to work, go home, go to bed, repeat endlessly.  Sarah Meyer and Steve Riskin are no different, yet their realities seem to be rooted in different centuries.  Take a stroll through their conflicting realities and experience breathtaking high country wilderness that few people have ever actually seen as you move through the pages of Altitude.  Share their joys, sorrows and conflicts as the two realities collide.  You will find yourself relating to one or the other, and you will be left wondering what your own decision would be if you were truly in their shoes.  Altitude will immerse you in the worlds of the characters where you can escape your reality without ever leaving your favorite chair.

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ALTITUDE Romance Adventure eBook pdf format