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AbsintheDragonfly's Shop Policies

Welcome to the magic of Natural Botanical Perfumes!

"Perfume is liquid emotion. A great perfume is a work of art. It is silent poetry, invisible body language. It can lift our days , haunt our nights and create the milestones of our memories." (Michael Edwards, Fragrances of the World, 2000)

My natural botanical perfume making is facilitated by my study of music, particularly opera. This language also achieves the status of the above quote. Music speaks to our souls, just like Perfume. It pleases me to no end, that I can combine the two, into something more than they would be on their own.

“Natural Perfume, created from natural materials and aromatics is a multi-layered phenomenon:In a breath, we are able to reconnect with the natural world and ourselves in new and profound ways.” — Mandy Aftel

I started learning this craft, with a DIY kit. Mixed it up, had fun, and waited the appropriate amount of time. When it was “done,” I smelled it, and thought, “Huh, that turned out pretty good…” Ordered another. Then I ordered Mandy Aftel’s book, Essence and Alchemy. I was entranced for most of the book, though when I got to the image of individual essences as musical notes, that was the clincher. I majored in Music in college, specifically studying opera. It seemed the Universe was pulling two loves together. Thinking of making music for the nose, tantalized me. Then I started ordering all sorts of fun substances to play with, from reputable businesses.

Each perfume is handmade, by me, when you order with raw perfumery materials. I use NO synthetics, chemicals, or preservatives whatsoever!

"A spiritual process as well as an aesthetic one, the art of perfumery is at once holy and carnal, spiritual and material, arcane and modern, tangible and intangible, profound and superficial."

- from 'Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume' by Mandy Aftel

I do my best to use organic, recycled, and eco-friendly materials for my packaging and botanicals, whenever I can. I purchase my supplies and materials from other small business owners whenever possible.

It's very spiritual for me, working with these plant materials that have been used for thousands of years, and by such people as Cleopatra. It grounds me, and connects me to the Earth. I'm finding people pleasantly surprised at how emotionally involved they feel to a natural perfume!

My personal philosophy, is that we should be aware of what we ingest into our bodies, whether we are eating it, or using a substance. The skin is our largest organ, and it's frightening how many chemicals we dump on it during the course of a day, especially women.

Perfume making is similar to making wine, as you must have patience to wait until enough time has passed for the alchemal magic to happen.

I use NO synthetics, chemicals, or preservatives whatsoever!

All of my perfumes are at least 15-30% essence, in a base of alcohol or jojoba oil.

Payment is due at time of purchase. Thank you for understanding.

Any Purchase over US $50.00 is shipped insured.
Any purchase over US $75.00 insured shipping is free.

I do my best to keep shipping costs to a minimum. If you'd like something in particular, we can work that out. Each perfume is handmade, by me, after payment is received. I will let you know after it is done, and is shipped. All orders over US $50.00 are shipped insured. All orders over US $75.00 receive free insured shipping.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Due to restrictions on alcohol in perfume, I will now use a jojoba oil carrier for your order. I apologize for any inconvenience, however, to be able to offer you a realistic price for shipping, I must make this change. Thank you for understanding.

Refund & Exchanges
Due to the personal nature of perfume, I cannot accept refunds or exchanges. Please try one of the sample packs, if you are unsure if you would like a particular fragrance. In case of damages/losses, we will resolve to the satisfaction of both parties.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I do my best to make sure that I source the highest quality, raw perfumery materials, and to keep everything organic and earth friendly. I use materials that I hand-tincture or hand-distill. If I cannot do this myself, I purchase materials from other small business owners who do likewise. Some perfumers that use the word "natural" use synthetic aroma chemicals. This reflects the price difference you see in my perfumes, opposed to other perfume makers.

Tincture: Fragrant materials produced by directly soaking and infusing raw materials in high-proof alcohol.

Distill: The raw material is heated and the fragrant compounds are re-collected through condensation of the distilled vapour.

There are many flowers that are expensive to convert into a perfume making botanical. For example: 8000 individual blossoms of Jasmine(carefully hand picked) are required to produce one gram (approx one ml) of absolute. No bruised flowers may be used for extraction, since their aroma is ruined by bruising or mishandling.

In case of a possible plant allergy, do a small patch test first. Perfumes are 100% natural - there are absolutely no synthetics, and they are preserved naturally. Shelf life of perfumes if properly stored will last many years, even improving with age. Remember to SHAKE your perfume before application! Separation can occur, because of the nature of botanical perfumes. This is normal, however, to get the full effect, make sure you SHAKE!

Custom Orders, Alchemy, Wholesale and Consignment are all welcome!

I'm so glad you stopped by.
Thank you!