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Destash / Organza and taffeta for sale
« on: June 07, 2011, 12:27:02 PM »
I have some left-over organza and taffeta from a project that didn't sell well.   I would love to sell it (at my loss) just so it can get used.  It was all between $8 and $10 a yard, and I would be willing to sell it for $5, and I will pay the postage.

Dot Burnout Organza (white background with large dots in pinks and limes)
    3 1/3 yd piece
   3 yd piece
Lime Satin Taffeta (to match)
   2 2/3 yd piece

Pink Floral Burnout Organza (light pink background with darker pink daisy-type flowers)
   1 1/3 yd piece
Primrose Lining (to match)
   1 1/2 yd piece

Lavendar Floral Burnout Organza (light lavender background with darker lavender daisy-type flowers)
   3/4 yd piece
Iris Satin (to match)
   3/4 yd piece

email me and I will send photos of the fabrics.  Or give me a heads up how to upload them here!


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