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Creative Creations / Agate Lamp Finials
« on: July 03, 2012, 12:46:50 PM »
I just made a few of these up to test the waters of Etsy (so to speak)... what's sad is I realized that I only have one lamp in my house that a finial would attach to, and it's the wrong size!!

So either I buy a new lamp, or just let folks with appropriately sized lamps have these pretties.   8)

Creative Creations / Coat Hook with Beach Rocks
« on: May 24, 2012, 11:52:38 AM »
I've been more of a lurker of lates... but thought I'd make sure to show you guys the latest thing I found to attach rocks to.


Yup, I've done it again.

Me + Rocks + Too much time on my hands

Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring Round 5 - FINAL WEEK!!
« on: October 31, 2011, 10:29:50 AM »
It's the FINAL WEEK everyone!  Excellent work all, very good effort by a bunch of our first-timers too!!

We have six this week to close it out.  Please remember to tag all your tweets with #HAFteam and with the name of the kickin' shop you're tweeting about (@twittername).  Also, if you're featured this week please give your bestest tweet EVER for the Handmade Artists Forum.

Thanks again all!  Hope everyone picked up lots of new followers and followee's (making up words again!).

HAF User: Phoenix Art Studio
On Twitter:!/phoenixartstu
To Promote:

HAF User: LovesDevotion
On Twitter:!/lovesdevotion
To Promote:

HAF User: MissyKsCreations
On Twitter:!/KellyT_Gib
To Promote:

HAF User: Xtas
On Twitter:!/XtasJewelry
To Promote:

HAF User: Ivaldi
On Twitter:!/GothMum
To Promote:

HAF User: aimeesrockworks
On Twitter:!/aimeesrockworks
To Promote:

Jewelry / Cuff Bracelet with Tumbled Beach Stone
« on: October 27, 2011, 12:35:17 PM »
Here I go again, finding more things to epoxy rocks to!!

Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring Round 5 - Week 5
« on: October 24, 2011, 03:17:33 PM »
Second to last week folks!!  Great job so far... but let's keep up the good work and really spread the love for our fellow HAF-Team!!!

Remember, if you're on this weeks list please give a shout-out for this AWESOME forum instead.  And don't forget to tag your tweets with #HAFteam and the Twitter user name (@____ ).

Thanks so much everyone!  :-*

HAF User:Karoger87
On Twitter:!/Karoger87
To Promote:

HAF User: Red Rose Confections
On Twitter:!/RedRoseCakes
To Promote:

HAF User: WhiteOwlDesigns
On Twitter:!/WhiteOwlDesigns
To Promote:

HAF User: DanisGarcia
On Twitter:!/DanisGarcia
To Promote:

HAF User: The Memory Collector
On Twitter:!/Lorrainykay
To Promote:

This is just for me and my serious need to be extra crafty this time of year... no business ever intended.

I wanted to make some of those fancy-pants recycled glass cups for some friends.  I've seen a bottle cutter at Michaels and thought it might be a good use of a 50% off coupon.   :P

Am I wasting my time?  Is there more to this craft than cutting the tops off and sanding the edges? (well, I'm sure there are more professional methods but this is just for fun.)

Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring Round 5 - Week 4!!!
« on: October 17, 2011, 10:49:33 AM »
Alrighty, I survived my vacation... just barely.  So like isn't it supposed to be sunny in California all the time??  What's with the freak snowstorm people?

Well, since I lived we'll celebrate with another week of HAFteam SPECATCULARNESSITY! Yup, making up words again.

Don't forget to tag each tweet with the username (@_____ ) and #HAFteam.  And if you're on the list please make sure to do a shout-out for the Handmade Artists Forum instead. 

HAF User: Jolene
On Twitter:!/Kitzbitzglass
To Promote:

HAF User: Mixed Kreations
On Twitter:!/mixedkreations
To Promote:

HAF User: BlueHighways
On Twitter:!/BlueHiwaysBooks
To Promote:
HAF User: Julicia's Creations
On Twitter:!/JuliciaCreates
To Promote:

HAF User: Pickleberrylane
On Twitter:!/Pickleberrylane
To Promote:

Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring Round 5 - Week(s) 2 & 3!!!
« on: October 03, 2011, 11:19:56 AM »
Great job on week #1 everyone, saw a ton a very nice tweets go by.   ;D

This list will include two week's worth... something's come up and I won't be around to post next Monday's list. 

Don't forget to tag each tweet with the username (@_____ ) and #HAFteam.  And if you're on the list please make sure to do a shout-out for the Handmade Artists Forum instead. 

Thanks so much everyone, keep up the awesomeness!!

This week:

HAF User: HrtsofStone
On Twitter:!/HrtsofStone
To Promote:

HAF User: Aria Bello
On Twitter:!/ariabello
To Promote:

HAF User: JolyJewels
On Twitter:!/jolyjewels
To Promote:

HAF User: motowndiva
On Twitter:!/motowndiva13
To Promote:

HAF User: WingsNScales
On Twitter:!/wingsnscales
To Promote:


Next week:

HAF User: Aimee-Louise Designs
On Twitter:!/AimeeLJewellery
To Promote:

HAF User: Somethingbluewedding
On Twitter:!/Somethingbluewe
To Promote:

HAF User: jammatun
On Twitter:!/jammatun
To Promote:

HAF User: lynnedeloodesigns
On Twitter:!/lindeloodesigns
To Promote:

HAF User: Design45
On Twitter:!/design45
To Promote:

Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring Round 5 - WE'RE ON!!!
« on: September 26, 2011, 10:34:18 AM »
Okay gang, it's time to kick this round of Twittering-Madness into full gear!

Here's the skinny for those who haven't participated before.

1) I will post each week on Monday the names of the people/shops we'll be promoting.

2) Make sure to follow all the people on the list.

3) Send at least one tweet per person in the following week.  You can send them all on one day or spread it out over the week.

4) Tag each tweet with the persons Twitter name @_____ and #HAFteam (Handmade Artists Forum)
For example...  "The most amazing crazy rock lady I've ever seen!! Shop @aimeesrockworks and see for yourself!  #HAF"

5)  Re-tweets are highly encouraged.  (That's why you want to tag with #HAF, so we can see what you're saying and also so you can see other tweets you might like to pass along.)

6) If you prefer to set up your tweets on one day, there are great programs out there to help you.  I really like Tweetdeck, but I know there are other services folks love too.

7) When your shop is featured please make sure to send out a shout for the forum...

Remember, this is all to spread the love for our awesome HAF peeps.  Nobody is expecting perfection, but I'm really crossing my fingers for an good old-fashioned attempt at being the best little tweeters we can be!!!


Round 5 Archive / Twitter Ring ROUND 5!!!
« on: September 12, 2011, 12:33:01 PM »
I've been having a tough time lately with my Twitter-ing inspiration so I thought we'd try another installment of As The Twitterverse Turns - HAFteam Edition!

PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP if you're not going to make a concerted effort to tweet for everyone else on the list. (Not expecting perfection, just an honest go.)

I really mean that last statement... don't break my heart by signing up and not actually participating. I'll just end up crying a lot.

**What I need for my list**

1) Name (username is fine, however we'd know you bestest)
2) Your twitter linky  (full link please, make it easy for me to make my list!)
3) The one website you'd like us to promote (HAFshop, Etsy, Artfire, personal, Facebook, all are welcome).

After I get a few weeks worth of peeps on my list I'll close it up and we'll start.  All it takes is one tweet per person per week... easy (more than one is always welcome of course)!!  Re-tweets are also awesome and can really help spread the love. 

And like last round, I'll post the weekly list on Mondays (I'm PST and normally not computer-functional before 9am, FYI)   :P

Technical Help in Creating / Jump Rings that don't 'wear'??
« on: August 18, 2011, 10:36:06 AM »
Howdy All,

I'm looking for jump rings that don't have a coating that will rub off (those darn abrasive rocks!)... is stainless steel my only option? 


Jewelry / Natural Beach Rock Ring - Take the Sea With You
« on: August 15, 2011, 05:36:38 PM »
I've been having way too much fun with rocks + diamond bits + Swarovski crystals.  Waaaaaay too much fun indeed!

Made one of these with two crystals and have been wearing it around town for the past few days... thought it wasn't really 'me' (I like itty-bitty stuff normally) but I'm getting attached.   :-*

Creative Creations / Quartzite Purse Holder/Hanger thingy...
« on: July 08, 2011, 12:25:12 PM »
"Won't she ever stop putting rocks on things?!"


(I couldn't help myself, I just *had* to do something with the quartzite core from my first Ikebana vase)

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