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General Discussion / Continuous PM problems!
« on: July 31, 2009, 10:32:48 PM »
Is anyone else having problems with their messages? At first when I tried to reply, or send a new message, I'd get the 'internet explorer' error page, but I could hit the back button and the new message page would come up. Now, for the last couple of days when I click on 'reply' 'quote' 'new message' or even go to a member's profile and try to send a message from there, all I'm getting is a blank forum page.

I know some were having problems because of upgrading to IE8, but I'm still using IE7. Had to wait a few hours last night before it finally worked for me, and today I haven't been able to send out any messages since I came online around 4-5pm. Is there another update for the forum that we need to do? Anyone else having problems?

Creative Creations / Business Cards
« on: July 25, 2009, 06:24:17 PM »
I'm going to purchase some business cards, and I've been messing around on a site with a design, and would like some input, suggestions, etc...on the design so far. My daughter says she loves it the way it is, but of course she'd say that no matter how it looked!!  ;D 

Someone mentioned that I should have a contact phone number on it, but I'm not really comfortable with putting my home telephone number on it, since I don't have a 'business' number. What do you think? Is that an extremely important thing to include? Or should the email address be enough? Give me ideas and input everyone-and thank you!!  ;D

Jewelry / A Manic Agate & Fiberoptic Ring
« on: June 04, 2009, 04:45:06 PM »
This is a ring I made a while ago-it's made from simple beaded wirewrapped dangles on a black agate ring. I have more agate rings in black and white, maybe I'll make a few more sometime. Had my daughter test drive it for me and she thought it was pretty comfortable ;D

It consists of Czech glass, fiberoptic cat's eye, Hematite and silver plated components-on an agate ring.

Jewelry / Some Manic Hair Clips
« on: May 31, 2009, 02:57:49 PM »
A couple more of my work-hair clips. Both are made with snap clips, glass pearls, Czech glass beads, silver plated components.

Thanks for looking! Both are now listed at

General Discussion / Working with steampunk parts
« on: May 29, 2009, 05:25:05 PM »
Ok-Steampunk-I have a couple of watches I can take apart, but I'm wondering if the cool gears and parts being used in the pieces we've been seeing are only found in much older watches?? I never put a new battery in a watch, usually just pick up another inexpensive one-yea-I'm lazy that way.

The two I have are the kind that take small batteries, which brings me to my second question-What's the easiest way to get inside a watch?? I know there's a way to pry the back off, but I'll be darned if I can get it to come off. Looks like it needs something very thin and sharp to get in under the round back, but after starting to grab a sharp knife to try it, common sense reminded me what a clutz I am, and the possibility of losing a finger or slicing a wrist in the process. After becoming slightly frustrated in trying to remove it, the thought of smashing it did cross my mind. :o

Anybody have some tips as to how to start this process in the safest way for us accident-prone folks??

General Discussion / Soldering Tips & Info
« on: May 25, 2009, 05:09:21 AM »
I would like to start practicing some basic soldering, but need some tips and basic info before I begin. Can anyone give me some simple suggestions as to what to do and not do when it comes to soldering? I am mainly thinking in terms of soldering silver wire, and metals-mostly they would be small shapes, etc...that I would design and solder together for jewelry.

I have a soldering gun that was my brother's. He passed away at 16, but before that he was what I like to call an 'electrical genius'. He was always tearing apart tvs, radios, telephones, etc...and putting parts together to make things that worked-I was 10 when he passed, and my best memory of him is how much I admired him for being able to do that with such ease-I always wanted to be like him in that way, but I was the one with the 'artistic' gene. His soldering gun would have to be around 40 yrs old now, but it still works!! I would like to use it while I'm learning, but I know nothing about what type of solder to buy, or what kind to use with different materials such as silver, copper, base metals, etc...

Just some simple beginner's tips would be greatly appreciated. Then as long as I don't solder a few fingers together in the process  :o  I can share what I make on here! ;D


Jewelry / Two Manic Necklaces
« on: May 21, 2009, 05:44:19 PM »
These are two necklaces that haven't been posted for sale in the shop yet, if you're interested in purchasing anything here that you don't see on the website, contact me at:

Crazy 8's: This necklace is Lepidolite crazy 8's, natural Sunstone disk, pink & green Aventurine rounds, faceted Czeck glass rounds & rondelles, silver plated chain & components, sterling wirewrap & lobster clasp.

Springtime Butterfly: This necklace is one of a series that I'm working on geared toward the younger crowd-my daughter and her friends(in their 20's) especially like silver chain, Mother of Pearl, etc...but it can be worn by any age group!!
It consists of: Mother of Pearl butterfly, disks and ovals, white agate ring, silver plated chain & components, sterling silver front toggle clasp.

Thanks for looking!

General Discussion / Where did THAT come from???
« on: May 16, 2009, 11:22:12 PM »
Ok-this is going too far!! I daughter came over to visit today, and guess what she was wearing?? A really cool chainmaille bracelet!! It was a simple one, the rings looked to be around 12mm, bright pink and purple!!! I loved it, and of course immediately said, 'hey-what do you think you're doing??? you're supposed to be wearing the jewelry I make!!!' LOL Turns out a friend gave it to her as a thank you gift for helping her out, and she had bought it from another friend.

Guess that's another sign to get off my lazy crafting butt and buy some rings!!! :P

Jewelry / A bracelet & Necklace I made
« on: May 10, 2009, 05:36:43 PM »
I guess I'll post a couple pictures of my work. I still have many that aren't photographed yet.

This is a newer one:

And an older one:

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