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Title: Invitation to collaborate on a knowledge repository
Post by: bodylisten on April 25, 2016, 04:40:07 PM

I’d like to share with you a study that is being conducted by Dr. Annie Chen at the University of Washington School of Medicine, on the topic of “body listening”.

The study takes the form of a collaborative repository which participants build with moderators by engaging in a ten-week Guided Exploration. The act of "body listening" is one that people may engage in regardless of who they are. An experience like having a long-term illness, though, may lead a person to learn to become aware of and listen to body signals and cues more than they might have otherwise.

You may be wondering why I'm asking to share an invitation to participate in this study on this discussion board for artists and art lovers.  Body listening is something many may engage in, perhaps without even realizing it.  It can often be difficult to put into words what we know about it and phrase questions we might have on how to do it.  We are hoping to hear the voices of those who view and create art in order and the connection it may have with their bodies.

This week is focused on "Tuning into Your Body with Arts-based Techniques" and we will be participating in daily art exercises designed to encourage awareness to what’s happening in own bodies. 

To participate or to learn more, please visit the Body Listening Project website: http://bodylisteningproject.org/

This project is intended for anyone who is interested in, or would like to contribute to knowledge on the phenomenon of "body listening." If you choose to participate, you might share how you learned what could trigger pain for you, or how you learned to recognize food sensitivities. 

The stories that you share may be helpful for the health care community, patients, and the general public. Please visit our site and participate in the effort to create a new knowledge resource on body listening!

Kelly Colht
Research Assistant
UW School of Medicine

Please note that this study has undergone review and been approved by a university Institutional Review Board  (Study id: 51020)
Title: Re: Invitation to collaborate on a knowledge repository
Post by: gemlover on April 27, 2016, 08:33:34 PM
I am going to look into this and probably participate, at least this week, even though only two more weeks of ten are left.

Title: Re: Invitation to collaborate on a knowledge repository
Post by: bodylisten on April 27, 2016, 10:11:24 PM
Hi gemlover,

We are in week eight of ten, but you can contribute to previous weeks' forums if there's something you would like to add to them. I'm glad you are interested in participating!