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General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: November 03, 2015, 03:50:32 PM »
Nothing much here....Halloween was a nonevent around here since nobody ever comes down our driveway, even when they mean to they tend to miss it at least once so no trick or treaters, just watching cheesy movies and hanging out.

I'm getting better and better and starting to pick up some of the work load again.  My voice is almost normal and I'm sitting at my desk looking a pile of paperwork to sort as well as a mile long to do list.  I thing that will be most of my day tomorrow, cleaning and catching up a bit as well as making a bunch of thank you cards for all the help we got the last few weeks.

Football is coming to a close so Spencer's schedule will chill for a few weeks before mandatory lifting begins.  The kid needs a break for a while and I'll be happy not driving back and forth to the school for a bit while we get ready for the holidays.

New Jersey for Thanksgiving, Georgia for Christmas and a convention in Las Vegas in February....if nothing else life around here is rarely dull!

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: October 29, 2015, 09:14:06 AM »
Hello all!  I would yell it from the rooftops, but yelling is NOT on the agenda yet.  Surgery went well, well as well as it can be having some guy come at your throat with a very sharp blade  >:)  and I am slowly getting back on my feet again.  Andrew and the boys have taken over all of my jobs around here and being as loving as jailers can possibly be.  Our church has buried us in food for the week so all I have to do is sit around and twiddle my thumbs....which is starting to get a bit dull if I want to be honest.

Next step is to get my energy back and adjust to the new meds and schedules and slowly work myself back into my routine again.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you all posted as I get along.

Handmade Artists' Shop (HAFshop) / Re: Photo Editing
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:18:55 AM »
Played with a couple of my photos and it really works pretty good!  Going to take hours and hours if I decide to do them all  :o  but well worth it when it comes to product pictures.

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: August 04, 2015, 08:07:47 AM »
Meant to say something about the Mr and Mrs.  The boys were taught early on to call everyone Mr or Miss or Mrs and if they didn't have a name it was Sir or Ma'am.  I must have ingrained it because Nathaniel actually called Spencer's girlfriend Miss Jo even though there is only 2 years difference in age.  When a child thinks they can call an adult by a first name, it is just showing how lax we have gotten when it comes to respect....which is funny considering how much about "respect everyone" is all over the news.

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: August 04, 2015, 08:05:24 AM »
Lots to catch up on!  Been running ragged lately and counting down the days until the boys go back to school so I can have some time alone to catch up again.

Larissa, Happy belated birthday and so so sorry about the ankle.  I swear a sprain hurts worse than a break sometimes so prayers for quick healing.

Teresa, so sorry about your friend. 

As far as the troll, I got called a Nazi often because I lived so often with my grandmother who had a heavy German accent which I loved!  I am really good at mimicking accents and would try to copy hers out of love.  I have learned that trolls are all over the place (have a couple stalking me now) and there is really nothing you can do to change their ways so I just make sure my posts are what I want out in the world and deleting theirs as I find them.

Been doing a lot of driving with Spencer.  we had some truck drama in that the first one we bought turned out to be way more work to get it through inspection than we were led to believe.  Moment of panic....what do we do with this thing and how do we get more money for another one!  Found another used truck at a lot in West Virginia and was thrilled that the guy was willing to by the lemon for parts!  We still lost money on it but not as much as it could have been and Spencer has a new, well very used but in great shape, truck to drive.  The result?  Well, I am being chauffeured everywhere I go so that he can drive including the grocery store.  Guess we will spend a lot of time together until he gets his full license and is able to drive on his own.

Found a dresser at a yard sale for our guest room and Andrew cleaned it up so I will get that put away and do some quick cleaning around here (dog hair keeps trying to take over) as well as freeze some eggplant and make zucchini bread out of the huge zucchini we got out of the yard.

Have a great day everyone

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: July 22, 2015, 07:54:56 AM »
Boy, lot to catch up on!  Have been around but in and out thanks to a few nutty things going on.

Monika, prayers for you since that is all I can offer.

Sandi, that blanket is stunning!  I love the fabric samples and actually made and sold (keeping one for myself) Christmas tree skirts out of them.  Worked great, heavy fabric that can take a beating and not so Christmassy!

Larissa, stalkers are so much fun!  Had a few in my lifetime and really have to wonder what is so special about me that they spend so much of their time thinking and tracking my life?  Don't get it.  Have enough of my own to worry about.

As for us?  Well, we almost went and looked at a car for Spencer, but after a few emails got the feeling that it was a back to the search.  I'm scheduled for surgery November 2 to have my thyroid removed thanks to some ongoing problems that need to be taken care of....won't be able to talk for a few days so I'm sure Andrew is looking forward to some quiet around here!  Other than that, working in the yard, carting around the kids, planning out some projects and counting down the days for the boys to go back to school so I can really have a few hours to myself again.

Have a great day everyone!!

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:40:12 AM »
The henna pattern is equally as beautiful.....

Well, I am off to the races, so to speak, will be picked up by girlfriend in an hour to get to the Hospital....

Happy Birthday! I'm guessing this hospital visit was NOT the way you wanted to spend your day. :P

I'm sure but I hope you have a wonderful birthday despite the doctors!

Off to a stamping tea party at a friends house....don't really care about the stamping or the tea but am looking forward to getting out a bit with some friends.  After that have a bunch of silly errands to run so my day is pretty much taken care of.

General Discussion / Re: Pet peeves
« on: July 14, 2015, 08:18:17 AM »
It does look bad when people pack up early. One show that my husband was doing down here had a great fix for that. When you showed up to do the show, you got checked in and shown your spot. If you stayed the whole day as you are leaving you get checked out. A few days later you got a refund check for 1/2 of your booth fee and an automatic invite back for the next year. He always did well at this show too. It's been going for years, is very well attended, and well run. They have staff that will watch your booth if you need to use the bathroom or if you need anything like water or food.

Smart!  Sad they need to do that, but smart!

Kimberly, I remember reading that someone actually did a study, and people who get into their cars in parking lots were actually found to take LONGER pulling out when they knew someone was waiting for the spot.  It's some kind of weird power trip or something.  I wonder if it's the same mentality at the drive-through or checkout line.

Maybe it is.  It just seems like anytime I go to the drive through at the ATM the car ahead of me does whatever, takes their card back and then sits there looking down and rummaging know their keys are already in the ignition since the car is running so they must just be arranging their card/money/receipt.  Really?  Pull forward already and do that stuff.  Silly since that two minutes isn't going to affect my life, but still irritates me.

Just Life / Re: Bees!
« on: July 14, 2015, 08:14:52 AM »
Thank you on behalf of the bees!

Got my first sting in 35 years yesterday; it was my own fault.  I got carried away and didn't think about the fact that I'd look REALLY threatening to them.  Gonna blog it to explain.

It was interesting.  I felt her land, then the pinch, then the rising heat/pain, but it didn't get too bad and I got some ice on it.  Now it just itches like CRAZY and I want to rip my arm off.  By the way, I do NOT recommend Benadryl topical anti-itch.  It's crap.  Doesn't work on anything.

Forget the topical over the counter stuff....try toothpaste next time.  I actually worked.  I also read that a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and meat tenderizer works really well.

Technical Help in Creating / Re: Any one here do enameling?
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:26:11 PM »
It actually sounds like two parts of the same thing.  When I played with it I just sifted it and only used the finest because I was working really small.  But if you have bigger pieces, then you would just be grinding them down to smaller pieces anyways. 

Don't know and wasn't any help, but will keep my eyes here in case someone else has real experience other than just my goofing around with stuff.

General Discussion / Re: Pet peeves
« on: July 13, 2015, 07:23:51 AM »
Just remembered my other pet peeve! People who decide to pick up/ close down early at a craft show. I don't care how few potential customers are there, I stay to the scheduled end, but the ones that close early seem to ruin it for everyone. And I've seen this happen even at juried shows :police:

Bev, If the organizers see you do that at the shows I attended, you are not invited back,'s kinda rude to do that and it's in the contracts....I know, peeps don't care....

I also hate this but when the punishment is not being invited back it doesn't do much since, if they are packing up and leaving early, then they did not have a good show and probably don't want to come back anyways!

Found one the other day which is just my own impatience....when you are behind someone at a drive-through or checkout and they finish their business and then stand there and carefully arrange their purse, put everything in the right slot, rummage for their keys or whatever.  Really?  Move along or to the side and do that stuff so that I can finish what I need to do

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: July 13, 2015, 07:20:43 AM »
People crack me up....bees for political reasons but don't mess up the lawn?  What a mess.

Andrew dropped Spencer off this morning bright and early and he is off to camp with his youth group for a week.  Funny thing is that he is going back to the beach in New Jersey so for him it is like going back home again.  Anyways, it will just be the three of us this week and I have a list ten miles long.

Went yard sale hunting this weekend and picked up a bunch of really cool stuff.  Found an old pickle barrel with two spouts at the bottom.  Have spent the weekend filling it with water so that the wood will swell again since all the slats were falling in on themselves.  Checked it this morning and it is almost there.  I plan to use it as a nightstand in our guest bedroom.

Bought a lamp made from an antique fire extinguisher at the same sale that I want to make a stained glass shade for as well as an old metal tricycle that stands about ten inches tall....had no reason for that one other than I liked it!

At another we got a full set of almost new golf clubs for $20 as well as a fireplace set and at another got a small table and two chairs that are going behind my studio after Andrew is done building my patio...when that is finished I may just move in down there!

All in all it was a good weekend and hopefully a good week to come.

General Discussion / Re: Pet peeves
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:37:42 AM »
As an English major, grammar is always a thing for me but what gets me even more is when I see a really cool item somewhere online and click the link only to find that the description is little or nothing.  If you are not going to tell me about the piece (size, material, etc) then you are going to get a sale! 

General Discussion / Re: Long time no see.
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:35:49 AM »
Congrats on your new career path!  That is so exciting to be on a new adventure....You are always welcome here and we definitely think of you so keep us posted on what is going on

General Discussion / Re: What are you doing today?
« on: July 09, 2015, 07:32:53 AM »
Bev, so glad your show went well!  It is always such a good feeling when you have a good one and are able to sign up again next year....sort of like having a promise in your pocket already.

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