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Industrial Glue & Caps On Gems Or Wire Wrapping?


My mom and I have found a lot of nice gems at a local mine near where I live (including a starfire ruby worth at least $300!).

We want to make some jewelry with some of them but she and I can't agree on what is a better method to use when making pendants for necklaces. She thinks it's a better idea and looks better if we were to industrial glue them into caps to place on top of them. My idea is to either drill a hole through them and have them wired through or to just wire wrap them. She thinks that would look 'weird and cheap'  ???  but I've seen a LOT of very nice wire wrapped gems on jewelry, so, I can't say I agree with her lol.

I'm also a little put back by the thought that the gem could eventually fall out of a glued-in setting.

What do you think works better? Should we just try both methods and see which sells even though the glued-in method might not be as reliable?

I don't know about the glue thing. You don't have to drill those to wire them either. You can make a cage and the gem just floats in the middle of it. I have done this with marbles, odd stones and beads. And since you have real gems, I would use sterling or gold wire. I bet John or Colette could help you with that. They both use "real" wire and are masters at their craft.


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