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Stainless Steel Pre-Made Necklaces Manufactured in the USA?


Hi.  Does anybody know where to purchase Stainless Steel Pre-Made Necklaces manufactured in the USA?  For a project I'm working on, it's more important than with prior projects that I use All USA manufactured materials.

Specificaly I'm looking for pre-made 18" stainless steel rope chain necklaces manufactured in the USA.

I'm amazed at the difficulty I'm having with this.  :-)

Thanks in advance.

I tried finding some and have not any luck either. Sorry. I am surprised it's this difficult.

Bummer.  But at least I'm not crazy.
The same is true for round leather cord.  I use a couple of USA companies who process and sell it but all of the raw leather comes from India or Greece.
For necklace making, so far I've found that only deertan and other hides are made in the USA.
Most likely, I'll go with earrings for this particular product since my pendants and earwire are made domestically.


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