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How to edit my items????

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Hi all, I know this sounds stupid, but I'm new on here and can't figure out how to edit my items. Any help please? ??? Thank you! Justine ???

Blue Highways:
go to your shop, then my products, manage products, find the one you want to edit and click the red gear on the right :D

Thank you Blue Highways, it worked and was sooo easy!!!

Blue Highways:
You're welcome! And it is, isn't it?! We're always glad to help - have anymore questions just ask

By the way, you may want to add your shop link (and any others) to your signature so we can find your shop and have a peek! Just go to the top left, click profile, forum profile and put all your info in the signature box

OK, I see how you did yours and I will change mine, thank you again, you're really been a big help! I appreciate it. 


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